Using the Mailzinger Browser Extension

Create Mailzinger addresses on the go!

The browser extension is one of the power extenders of Mailzinger.  It allows you to create new addresses exactly when you need them, without the need to log into our website or leave the webpage you’re on.  A simple right click in the field opens up a dropdown screen with 3 options. After selecting an option, the Mailzinger addresses will be instantly added to the field and you’re ready to roll.

Right click in the email address field and 3 options appear in the dropdown menu:

1. Lookup exisiting

Click on this option to open your Dashboard.  Click the ‘Use‘ button next to the Mailzinger address you want to use and the address is instantly inserted into the email address field.

2. Create new

Click this option to create a unique Mailzinger address.  Follow the same create process, create the name, select a domain and choose your inbox. It’s instantly active and ready to use assuming you select an inbox that’s been previously verified by Mailzinger.

3. Generate random

Click this option to let Mailzinger automatically generate an address.  It will be a mixture of random characters and numbers, nothing particularly clever, but that’s random!  You can use the default domain that shows up or select from the drop down menu.  If you don’t like the address that’s generated, click the refresh button next to the field until you find one that suits you. Click ‘Accept‘ and the address is instantly inserted into the email address field.


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