No software to install, nothing to download: it just works!

Privacy, protection and control for your email

Introducing Mailzinger

Mailzinger addresses provide an essential buffer between you and the rest of the world.

They're simple to create, easy to use and instantly redirect to your inbox. Your real email address is completely hidden, even when you reply.

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Use Mailzinger to...

Schedule email delivery

Our patent-pending Daily Schedule delivers your email when it's convenient for you.

Stop spam

Identify spam and isolate hacked accounts to avoid inbox clutter. Don't rely on 'unsubscribe'.

Organize your inbox

Create and personalise email aliases for all your online activity. Control who reaches you.

Catch scams

See who's really sending an email. Don't be caught by fake 'from' addresses.

Stay safe online

Guard your email identity and keep your online activity private.

Enhance efficiency

Manage one inbox for all your Mailzinger addresses, not multiple inboxes.

And more…

No tracking, no data gathering, no selling your data, no advertising. No kidding.
Mailzinger is a web-based application so it works anywhere there is a browser: on PCs, Mac, tablets and mobile phones.
Most features of Mailzinger are free. If you want your own @domain, if you want to forward to more than one inbox or if you want more Mailzinger addresses, it's cheap to upgrade.

Creating your first Mailzinger address