[[Origin]] reference in subject line

[[Origin]] shows you who really sent the email

Every Mailzinger you receive in your inbox will include an [[Origin]] reference in the subject line.  That’s your assurance that any spoofed sender name has been stripped out and replaced with [[Origin]] in the subject line to show you who really sent the email.

For example:

An email in your inbox might say it’s from “Amazon” regarding a new offer.  But an incoming Mailzinger subject line shows [[Origin:  Lowcostmeds@gmail.com]], reflecting the actual underlying email address of the sender.

By reviewing the [[Origin]] reference in a suspect email, you’ll immediately be able to spot who sent it without jeapordising your inbox.

However, when you reply from your inbox, the [[Origin]] reference to your real email address is stripped out, and it never shows in your outgoing emails.

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