Mailzinger can redirect to multiple inboxes

Add or change inboxes at any time

Mailzinger is designed to redirect a Mailzinger address to any inbox you want.  For example, you can redirect from your home inbox to your work inbox.

You can also redirect a Mailzinger address to multiple inboxes at the same time.

Change it at any time, add another inbox, delete inboxes, make it work the way you need it to work.  The flexibility is there if you need it.

Here’s how:

1. On the Dashboard, click ‘Actions’ next to the Mailzinger address you want to edit

2. Select ‘Edit Details’ on the dropdown menu

3. Check/uncheck all of the destination inboxes you want to use

4. Click ‘Save’.  Your changes will appear under the Inbox column on your Dashboard.


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