Add your own domain to your account

Use all the features of Mailzinger with your own domain!

All Mailzinger features for your specific plan can be used along with your own domain. You keep full ownership and control of your domain at all times; Mailzinger has no access to your domain or domain settings. You can stop using Mailzinger at any time by changing your MX record back to the original settings.

To ensure that your Mailzinger reaches your designated inbox, simply add the domain name and point your domain’s MX record to Mailzinger following these simple steps:

1. Click on Account
2. Click Personal Domains
3. Add your domain name to the field. Click ‘Add Domain’
4. Now you must point your domain’s MX record to Mailzinger

Setup MX Records

  1. Assuming you’ve already registered a domain, you should get access to a control panel – login to it to configure the domain.
  2. Look for an option similar to ‘Manage Domains’, then for the domain you just purchased, click on something like ‘Manage DNS’ or ‘Update DNS Records’.
  3. Look for a section entitled MX records and click the button to add one [make a note of your current setting in case you want to return to this destination in the future].
  4. Enter the following information:
    a) Hostname: leave this empty
    b) Points To: put in a value of
    c) Priority: put in a value of 10
    d) Click Save or Update

That’s it! Sometimes the change is really quick and your email works immediately; other times, it takes slightly longer. Either way if you have any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always very happy to help!

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