10 Great Uses for Mailzinger

Mailzinger addresses give you privacy, protection and control for your email address, creating a buffer between you and the rest of the world. Here are a few of the most common uses. Registering with an online retailer Adding yourself to a mailing list Joining social networks Insurance, mortgage and other […]

Using the ‘Display Name’ feature

Create names that make sense to you The ‘display name’ field lets you control how addresses are displayed, allowing you to create names that make sense to you. You can set display names for incoming and outgoing Mailzinger addresses independently, so you can display the address one way when it comes into your […]

Greater inbox control using Display Name

When a company sends you an email, they control how their address displays in your inbox. For example, emails from Amazon frequently arrive with many different names: ‘Accounts@amazon’, ‘Marketplace@amazon’, ‘Payments@amazon’, ‘Customer Service@amazon’, ‘Wishlist@amazon’…the list goes on. It’s hard to quickly identify which company sent an email. (And it’s a spammer’s dream […]

Add an inbox

If you  have a Premium or Premium+ account, you can redirect your Mailzinger addresses to more than one inbox.  Each time you add a new inbox, you will need to click a verification link sent to the new inbox in order to verify ownership. Here’s how: 1. From the Account […]

Delete a Mailzinger address

Deleting a Mailzinger address will permanently remove the details related to the address.  This action cannot be undone. Here’s how you do it: 1. Go to the Dashboard 2. Click Actions next to the Mailzinger address you want to delete 3. Select Delete from the drop down menu 4. Click […]

Add your own domain to your account

Use all the features of Mailzinger with your own domain! All Mailzinger features for your specific plan can be used along with your own domain. You keep full ownership and control of your domain at all times; Mailzinger has no access to your domain or domain settings. You can stop […]

Using the Mailzinger Browser Extension

Create Mailzinger addresses on the go! The browser extension is one of the power extenders of Mailzinger.  It allows you to create new addresses exactly when you need them, without the need to log into our website or leave the webpage you’re on.  A simple right click in the field opens […]

Send an email from a Mailzinger address

Use the Dashboard to send Mailzingers Mailzinger addresses work exactly the same way regular email addresses work, with the great exception of not being tied to a specific inbox! You can send an email from any Mailzinger address using the Dashboard.   Here’s how: 1. Sign in to Mailzinger and […]

Using “create@mailzinger.com”

Create a new Mailzinger address instantly The “create@mailzinger.com” feature allows you to create a new Mailzinger address instantly without the need to sign into Mailzinger.com. Simply send an email from one of your verified inboxes(*) to create@mailzinger.com, and add the Mailzinger address you want to create in the subject line. […]

Mailzinger can redirect to multiple inboxes

Add or change inboxes at any time Mailzinger is designed to redirect a Mailzinger address to any inbox you want.  For example, you can redirect from your home inbox to your work inbox. You can also redirect a Mailzinger address to multiple inboxes at the same time. Change it at any time, […]